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Dedicated Internet 1: 1

0 Mbps
For your business

Fixed IP

The world is made of entrepreneurship and we go with you.

Up to 1000 Mbps of speed for your business, in addition to digital telephony, telephone exchange, fixed IP, video security and everything you need to focus on yours


Conex Telecom offers you much more with a fast and stable Internet and Data Transport. It offers you SECURITY AND PROTECTION, a secure connection and full access to all its tools, within a single managed service.


Optical fiber allows you to grow unlimitedly, you can converge more solutions: voice, data, videos, share resources and interconnect venues over long distances with high transmission quality.

It is safe since it does not present latencies or interferences. In addition to the performance of the services that are transmitted in it. Since they are light impulses, you can navigate at high speeds with great capacities for uploading and downloading information.